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"i haven't been with Aaron since the beginnings of Versatile, but I've been with him since the winter of 2014. He offered me the opportunity to represent and promote his clothing-- which calls for a lot of communications. This small opportunity became one of my most treasured friendships because, not only is he dedicated to his brand and constantly thinking about what he can do better-- he takes that amazing work ethic and applies it to his brand and constantly thinking about what e can do better-- he takes that amazing work ethic and applies it to his relationships with others. He does, sometimes have lapses win self-confidence that affect the efficiency of Versatile, but he ALWAYS goes back to his brand with a better attitude than before, picking up where he left off and making things right. Aaron and I live a little more than 1,000 miles away from each other and have never met, but I can promise anyone that Aaron will deliver quality products and service. He's never let me down as a friend and constantly amazes me with how much time and effort he sacrifices for his brand. He truly is running Versatile slow, as far as shipping and customer services goes. Sometimes, that's that's evident; but what's not as obvious is how much he absolutely loves versatile, the people who work with him, and his loyal customers. Especially Dani, because she's his godmother. " - Danielle Malig

Aaron Chan is a kind soul. Meeting him when we were merely fourteen, I knew he had big dreams. Although I was skeptical, I supported him. We've known each other for a little over four years now and I am so proud that he can finally say, "momma I made it." My boy has six figures in the bank and it was all him. The late nights and early mornings paid off. Aaron is smart, loyal, and maybe a little to generous for his own good but that's why everyone loves him. To think that he built this enormous network of all kinds people and clothing, makes me believe that as long as you strive toward a goal, nothing will stand in your way. Aaron is a role model for anyone who has a dream and wants that dream to become a reality. My advice, stay loyal to your roots because really, it all started with two t-shirts, two sweaters and one big dream... w/ love, Dianne Do

"I can vividly remember the year when Aaron created this company. We shared Graphic Design class together, where he would mess around with his Versatile site and list his products for 1,000,000 dollars. Although his brand was small and seemed as if it was going nowhere, Aaron didn't give up and persevered through the hate he received and created this now renowned clothing brand. What started from a business that began in a small city in the 626, Versatile has expanded greatly and now serves consumers out of this country. Aaron and his company has proven to be self-made man and a self- made brand, respectively. His motivation to ensure customer satisfaction and timely deliveries never dies. He has spent countless hours and communication with his customers and packaging deliveries and I am pleased and honored to watch this company grow and expand to what it is today. Aaron's hard work and dedication to his beloved company should not go unnoticed and be acknowledged. Aaron who... made this all happen. It was he who influenced many lives to be Versatile. " - Amanda Xaypraseuth

"Hearing about this clothing brand, "Versatile", I always thought it was really cool the way this guy was so successful, but always stood humbled. Growing closer with him the past couple of years, I'm really glad I got to know him. He's a role model to me and really started from the bottom to get where he is. Being a model and a rep for this brand has really helped me grow maturely and realize what I want to do with my future. Being " Versatile" has become a lifestyle of mine and I will never go back. "  -Brandon Hamaguchi 

"Hmm where to begin. Well Mr. Versatile and I have been close friends for a few years now and I can safely say that he is one of the most dedicated and loyal person I have ever met. i can always count on him for support and encouragement, and he knows he can expect the same from me. The amount of dedication and time Mr. Versatile puts into his brand is astounding. When he isn't packaging (which is a pain in the ass by the way LOL), he's busy editing a video, creating new designs, out doing photoshoots, or meeting up with his suppliers. VCC is my best friend's pride and joy, and it's awesome he's able to share it with the world. If there's one thing Mr. Versatile's taught me, it's that good things come to those who wait. I expect great things from this brand, and I expect great things from this brand, and I expect nothing less from my best friend."  - Keaton Quon

"Knowing the owner of Versatile is pretty crazy because I've watched this brand grow from the day it started to where it is now. I've been a supporter since day one because I believe in this brand and the success it will have. He legit runs it alone and he puts more than half of his time and life on this and I can always see him stressing over all the hard work he puts on this. I've always been happy with all the things that he's brought out and I can't wait to see what's next every time. Versatile is overall a very recommended brand by me and I've always been satisfied with it."  -Nathan Chu 

"Started From The Bottom Now He's Here." That person who started from the bottom is Aaron Chan, homie, and entrepreneur. Well it's kinda ironic cause we met in entrepreneurship class. That class was the beginning of our friendship. I got to know the real Aaron Chan. He is dedicated and takes pride in his work, modest in his succession and most of all CREATIVE. Aaron is an inspiration to me and pretty sure he is to his other friends. Who knows a successful entrepreneur who's still in high school? Not many people but I am proud to say I met one and even prouder to be a good friend of his. #STAYVERSATILE". -"  Chadric Aquino

"I remember my freshman year when the brand Versatile Co came out. The buzz around the school would be, "who is versatile, where did you get that jacket..?" Now there isn't one person at our school that doesn't know what Versatile is. Many kids around the school are constantly representing Versatile. Many people enjoy the brand not only because they are great quality but, they are very fashionable. Not only males, but many females as well. No one really knew where this brand was going to go and if it was going to be successful or not. But's with Aaron's talent and determination, it is now a brand that people know of not just in Monterey Park, but other cities. The clothing that Versatile showcases is a brand that embraces the Asian culture with still allowing other nationalities to wear it. " - Kelsey Yamashiro 


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